Stand Clamp Mount

Stand Clamp Mount


An accessory for The Key Light, this “Stand-Clamp Mount” allows a versatile array of mounting possibilities for The Key Light.

For example, it can be used as a “mini tripod,” clamped to a chair back, or even clamped to a round surface.  To prevent surface marking or damage, the “legs” and clamp ends are made of rubber material.

Adding a “gooseneck” (available separately) to the stand-clamp mount provides considerable extension and adjustment for your Key Light.

This stand-clamp mount can also be used as a mount for small cameras!

*The gooseneck and Key Lights shown in the gallery images are for example only, and are not included with the stand-clamp mount.

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Michael takes a look at all the knobs on the Stand-Clamp mount and demonstrates setting it into a "mini-tripod" stand position.

In part two of the Stand Clamp Mount series, Michael demonstrates clamping the mount to a round surface.

Michael demonstrates mounting the Key Light panel to the Stand Clamp Mount that was clamped to a round surface in Part Two of the Stand Clamp Mount Series.

Michael demonstrates how to use the Stand Clamp Mount to mount The Key Light to a "flat" surface, like a chair back, door, or stairway railing...

Michael wraps up the five (!) part series on the versatile Stand Clamp Mount.

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