Ivory Portable Vanity Cord and Carry Bag Kit

Ivory Portable Vanity Cord and Carry Bag Kit


This “kit” includes The Portable Vanity (Ivory), Cord Bag, and Carry Bag.

The Carry Bag is custom-fit to The Portable Vanity for over-the-shoulder carrying and an extra layer of protection.

The Cord Bag stores the A/C cord and dimmer switch assembly neatly inside The Portable Vanity.

TML's Portable Vanity is made with a bright white LED panel that will last up to 50,000 hours. For example, using this light 8 hours per day, 365 days per year, that’s 17 YEARS of usage!

The exterior is gorgeous and durable, available in the eternal classic colour of Ivory. There is a large center mirror and two flanking mirrors on the doors. Four rubber feet protect surfaces and keep it stable. There is a soft leather carry handle that is easy on the hands. A dimmer allows you to control the amount of light that is projected from the light source. The doors swing open up to 270° allowing many configurations. A metal grommet-portal allows you to pass wiring to the back of the unit to keep your work area clear.


  • Exterior closed measurements: 57.2 x 48.3 x 7 cm
  • Width with doors fully open: 96.6 cm
  • Light: 45.8 x 45.8 cm - color temperature: 4800K
  • Center mirror: 26.7 x 31.8 cm
  • Side Mirrors: 17.8 x 31.8 kg
  • Weight: 11.34 kg
  • Power Cord & Dimmer Switch
  • Voltage: 110-240v 
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Warranty on Parts and Labor due to manufacturer's defect for one year from date of purchase.

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