EZ Clamp

EZ Clamp


A combination “A-clamp” and “gooseneck” for use with the Key Light LED panel.

TML's well known versatile mounting capabilities shoot to a whole new level with this much simpler and easier to use EZ Clamp. The rubberized clamp opens wide enough to hold securely onto a wide range of objects like tables, chairs, doors, shelves, towel bars etc… At the top of the strong and slender “gooseneck” is a highly adjustable “ballhead” with a standard screw mount for connection to the key light LED panel. (Don't forget to consider TML's new quick release for super fast connections!)

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Announcing the New EZ Clamp Mount accessory for The Makeup Light Key Light systems. This clamp mount combines an "A"-clamp and gooseneck for simpler, quicker, and more versatile use of The Key Light. Also shown here is the new Quick Release. It's all about simplicity and speed with TML's new accessories.

Warranty on Parts and Labor due to manufacturer's defect for one year from date of purchase.

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