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Chronicles of a Makeup Artist...

It is so easy to go away on holiday or for the weekend and whilst in the spirit of packing (or not having a lot of room), leave behind some of your favourite skin beauties. Unless we have them in travel size or we have lots of room for full sized products, they get left behind and we're away wishing we had our lotions and potions that we normally can't live without. 

There are now options if your beloved goodies don't come in travel friendly sizes. We have stores who cater to us wanderers which I've listed at the end so instead of leaving behind your loved products, you can depot them into smaller containers and take them along for the ride. Yay!

Recently I've been lucky enough to go on a couple of weekend adventures within a matter of weeks and I found myself packing the same products for my skin. Being at the beginning of a new season, my skin is slightly freaking out (pimple or two anyone?) but mostly its pretty good. My latest getaway had me up my skin game as I decided to try out my favourite mask, in the steam room... Stunning!

Sitting here while I write this blog post, my skin feels so good and it looks luminous. Whether its a combination of all products used, steaming with the mask on or all of the above, I'm feeling good about my skin and can't wait to see how it goes over the next couple of days. I really like to pay attention to my skin after doing a treatment because it tells me if that routine works for me or not.

I am a total skin nerd and the first thing I do in the morning before starting my beauty routine, is to assess my skin. Some days my skin feels a little drier so it doesn't make any sense to stick to my normal products. Or if I’m feeling a little oilier than normal, I pair back to accommodate the needs of my skin that day. And bless those days when you wake up and your skin is awesome, no breakouts in sight, it’s hydrated and plump and in general looks really good. It's like waking up and having a good hair day. Sometimes it happens!

With our skin being a living organ, it's normal for it to vary slightly from day to day, your skin type (I'm combination - oily T zone) will never change but a slight variation is expected because our skin is going to react to outside changes as well as changes within. So sometimes on a dry skin day, I add a dry-oil (thin texture) into the mix (in Winter I add a thicker oil because of the outside temperatures and wind are more harsh on my skin so my skin can take a bit of extra loving) in the morning, especially under my foundation! I love this combination but I wouldn't be able to do this in Summer on my T zone.



The luxury beaut-iful products that I love at the moment are a mixture of beauty and brains. They look unassuming but these babies are anything but. These are all what I would call work horses. Made to do a job and they do it with ease. I’ve listed them in the order I use them with the different stages of CLEANSE, TREAT, HYDRATE and NOURISH. Now you can take out and add in different products for the steps on a daily basis to what suits your skin and budget but I’m finding in my forties that if I use products for each of these stages, my skin responds well. That’s not to say I never break out because breakouts can stem from a few different factors that are internal and external but my skin feels its best with a beauty routine that contains these steps. In each step, you can have as many layers as you would like (or need) to suit your skin and your lifestyle. The below is my luxury beauty routine that I’ve been loving lately.


Now I’m a cleansing balm girl through and through but sometimes a girl has to change things up to keep them interesting. Japanese Cleansing Oil is not only really pretty to look at, this baby will work hard for you while you are giving yourself a quick face massage. Put on dry skin (over the top of makeup is even better) and massage around to give yourself a minute or two of total luxury that we mostly forget about. SELF LOVE. A teeny tiny piece of the day dedicated just to you.

Massaging this oil cleanser onto your face does a couple of things. It breaks down your makeup and sunscreen and by massaging your face; you relieve tension in your muscles, which in turn helps to de-stress you. Sounds awful, right? Do this for one minute… Two (or longer) is even better. It’s so easy to think we don’t have time for ourselves but are you telling me you don’t have ONE MINUTE? For those that want a magical product that does all the things, this cleansing oil is the – it takes off makeup/sunscreen/the day in general and cleanses your skin in one fell swoop. Massage onto dry skin, add a little water into the mix by wetting your hands and massage around before rinsing off. Voilà! No residue, just beautiful clean skin.


After I have myself a clean base to work with, I like to exfoliate. I recommend exfoliating at least twice a week and depending on what you use, you can even exfoliate daily. I know that sounds incredibly scary (will we end up with nothing left?) but our skin actually sheds millions of skin cells a day. Millions. If you would like to do a daily exfoliation, I would be very careful with what type of exfoliation you use. There are different types – Physical, Enzymatic and Chemical. I would never do a daily exfoliation with a physical scrub because that is way too abrasive but you could use an enzymatic or chemical exfoliant that is on the gentle side. I will do a post soon about different types of exfoliation. My weapon of choice that I do on a daily basis is Indigo Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder because it’s got beautiful ingredients inside that won’t irritate my skin. I have the beginnings of rosacea so I can’t use anything too abrasive or that will make me flush. This fabulous little product is like rubbing a soft lotion over your skin (once wet) and only takes ten seconds to do. Yes, you read that right. Ten seconds. My skin feels soft like silk afterwards and keeps my face clear of dead skin cells so all of my other products can go and do their jobs easily. So, to cleanse and exfoliate my skin each night takes me just over two minutes of my shower time. Two steps that take off my day and makeup, I am gently exfoliated and left with soft skin which is the perfect base for my skin care and my makeup applications. Not a lot of time spent, huh?

Next step in my treatment regimen, I like to do at least a couple times a week is my favourite mask. I’ve spoken about it before but Rescue Mask is really, hand on my heart, one of my all time favourite products. EVER. I will also do a post soon dedicated to this little miracle in a jar. My first experience with this baby was the most significant I’ve had with a product. Overnight my skin was brought back to life in colour, feel, every pimple was calmed down and my skin was given some love. Amazing! As I said above, my recent getaway had me trying this little guy in the steam room… so much goodness, my skin was so soft and glowy. I wish I had a steam room to sit in all the time! This little pot of love does a few things but I like to think of it as a big cuddle for your skin. It wraps your face in love by calming, reducing inflammation, redness, puffiness and gives your skin a little pep in its step.

Luxury Getaway Office 

Luxury Getaway Office 


At the moment, I have a few layers in this step (cause I can and why not?) and the first layer of hydration I like to use is a mist. Queen of Hungary Mist is a solid favourite of mine with it's beautiful components of rose water, sage water, apple pectin and orange blossom as well as minerals from the mineral pools in Budapest where this brand comes from. It smells refreshing and light with a solid hit of hydration thanks to the rose water and apple pectin. The sage and orange blossom are toning and purifying. I actually spray this a lot, it’s quite nice over a mask to keep it from drying out as well as sprayed on top of your makeup. I like to put my products on whilst my skin is still damp so by using the spray first, I’m rewetting my skin lightly so it’s ready to gobble up everything else I put on it.

The newest layer that I love is The Essence. If you think of skin for a moment in terms of a being like a sponge, this beauty wets the sponge. I know that sounds confusing so bare with me for a moment. If you put a dry sponge under running water, what happens is the sponge fills up with water before the water runs out underneath into the sink. If you put a wet sponge under running water, the water runs straight through the sponge and into the sink. This product (and any of it’s equivalents on the market) wet the sponge. That means that anything you put over the top of it  is going to sink straight down into the lower layers of skin (where you want them to be to do their work) because your skin is already full of hydration. This guy is also full of very potent anti-oxidants too so they are going to work hard to help with skin repair from free radicals that we can’t escape from and are constantly attacking our cells, which in turn gives our skin a dull look and speeds up the ageing process. So this bottle of goodness is supporting our skin in a few important ways.

My last layer for the hydration stage is Deep Hydration Firming Serum where again, packed with super hydrating ingredients (Hyaluronic acid and Okinawa red algae) as well as the Tatcha powerful antioxidant-rich anti-ageing complex trio, this little gem goes deep and works hard. Keeping hydration goodness happening within our skin gives us not only a beautiful glow,  our skin looks plump cause it’s well fed with all the good things. If your skin is hydrated, it’s almost magical in that it looks well rested, juicy and your makeup will sit beautifully.


This is the most important step outside of cleansing your skin. I want you to think of this step as a protection against the outside world. Your moisturiser is a thin layer between you and everything else. My favourite moisturiser is the bee’s knee’s. Water Balm is a lot of products (five to be exact) in one amazing skin prep. It is your serum, eye cream, day cream, night cream and primer in one jar. It’s a one step wonder. Out of all the steps I’ve listed above, the two most important are the first and last steps. Cleansing properly and moisturising your skin. You need to give your skin a balance of sorts.

I’ve looked after my skin since I was bought a skin starter kit for my 15th birthday. I’ve basically cleansed and moisturised my face for most of my life. I’ve never gone to bed without washing off my day and replenishing my skin with some skin food to get it ready for the night time shift work of repairing and resetting for the next day. Then to wash off the hard work that my cells and skin did through the night, to start again and top it off with moisturiser to get my skin ready for the days activity has just been a part of who I am. Yep, I'm a total skin nerd. I get that not everyone is like me, that there are times where the day is not cleansed off but I think as long as you try your best to look after your skin because let’s face it, it tries it’s hardest to look after you, your skin will look and feel it's best. And to do this, you don't need expensive products or lots of them, just a good cleanser and moisturiser to start with. As I'm getting older, I've had to up my skin game (more layers that do extra things like hydrate) but this is only something I've started to do in the last few years. My first three decades of looking after my skin was kept very basic, I just found what worked for me. Everything else has come along as I see my beauty routine not giving me the same results anymore. So thats a pretty good run for basic beauty. THREE DECADES.

I know that each of us and our skin needs are different but most people can have a very basic beauty routine and their skin is happy as a clam. I always believe you should do what works for you. This luxury beauty routine is what is working for me right now. The luxury part of this routine isn't the price tags on the products (there are cheaper alternatives) but is the time spent with intention on myself starting with the first step in self care of a facial massage, every day. I use that as a way to decompress from the world, set an intention for myself (or reset in some cases) and give myself a little bit of everyday luxury that is achievable. We all deserve a little something for ourselves and a wise person once told me that we should do at least one thing for ourselves, every single day.

Some of my other luxury favourite's are:

I hope that this inspires you to give back something to yourself each day. And just to stress this point again, this luxury isn't in what items you can buy necessarily (though this is lovely as well) but the luxury of time for yourself, every day where you have the intention to give yourself something. The luxury of time, of self love, of reflection, of self care, of massage and de-stressing, of prayer, of good energy back to oneself as well as out into the universe, of whatever that LUXURY means to you. You are important so don't forget that. And in this big old, busy world of ours, to someone, you are the most important person.  

This post is dedicated to someone who is important to me: my Mum, Helen. X

Peace, love & light




This is not a paid product placement and I don't get paid if you click on the links. I made it easy for you incase you want to look a little closer at something.

All the products listed here, I purchased myself from Mecca Cosmetica and Sonia Roselli. These are my own personal opinions on these products and how I use them. 

If you want to purchase any goods from the USA, I would suggest you look into getting yourself a free Shipito account so you can shop away and they'll send your goodies to you. I use this for my oversea's purchases that don't directly ship to Australia. Yep, our shopping world has gotten smaller! Woo Hoo!

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