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chronicles of a Makeup Artist...


Chronicles of a Makeup Artist...

So this last month at Mecca, we've had a fun makeup challenge through one of the brands that we carry at Mecca Maxima - SmashBox. We had to design an eye makeup look that was inspired by SmashBox Lip Editor in Chief and Instagram superstar, Vlada Haggerty.

Not going to lie, this was so much fun! Hope you like what I created, its not your average, every day makeup and the last look definitely isn't for everyone but it was very cool to play with. I'm always inspired by textures so as you can see, texture has played a small part in my work. I've popped my product list at the end.


This was my first look, I kept it nice and simple with some subtle shading and soft highlights. SmashBox products used were Studio Skin Foundation + Be Legendary Lip Gloss in ROSETTE on the eye lid. I really like all the different textures here too, matte skin, soft metal highlights that are sheer, slightly glossy lid and no mascara. I added the flowers because, well I'm a flower girl from way back (my Gran called me Frangipani) but also, Vlada drew flowers on some of her eye artwork so I thought I'd take it more into the 3D territory and use real ones. The colour of the flowers is so pretty and they look so soft and velvety which to me, adds another level of texture in here.

For the second look, I wanted to do a simplistic nod to Vlada's winged eye looks that she's so well known for. To me there was no point in trying to recreate the wheel within Vlada's aesthetic so I went soft with colours that play off each other as well as using the colours within my models eyes for the actual wing itself. There are soft textures here - matte, highlights and glitter but I think they played a secondary part where to me, the colours are the standout feature. SmashBox products used were Studio Skin Foundation + Always Sharp 3D Liner in 3D Billionaire. Claire's eye looks quite gold in the bottom photo but in real life they are very close to the colour of the liner, this gorgeous green with gold speckles thrown in.


Well this was messy and fun to create, the hardest part was adding in elements but keeping some restraint too. Yes, it's hard to believe looking at this, that I held back but trust me, I could've taken this much, much further.. Haha! I love doing these kinds of things and you don't get to do them very often. Again, playing with textures and using different foundation colours to lay down levels of colour and volumes of liquid. I also used a peach colour that I was drawn to which has made this look like melted ice-cream... SmashBox products used were Studio Skin Foundation in four different colours (skin and eyes) and Photo Finish Foundation Primer in Colour Correcting Blend. I layered the foundations, then the primer and then played with my favourite highlight powders. I love the textures in this but the colour palette makes my heart sing.



Hope you loved my visions with layers and textures!

Peace, love & light




All makeup and photography was done by me using The Makeup Light (TML)

All the products listed here, I purchased myself. These are my own personal opinions on these products and how I use them. 

This is not a paid product placement and I don't get paid if you click on the links. I made it easy for you incase you want to look a little closer at something. Except for TML. I am a reseller for The Makeup Light here in Australia so if you buy one, I'll get paid for that!

Flowers used were Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, pictured below