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chronicles of a Makeup Artist...


Chronicles of a Makeup Artist...

I get asked about my skin a lot. I get asked what products I use and how I use them.

So, I thought there’s no better time to address this than right now, especially with the change of season upon us (which is playing havoc with everyone’s skin!). I don’t know how your skin is fairing, but mine has been having a pimple festival for three weeks now… Not happy! I’ve also had a lot of customers coming in to see me at work with the same concerns: breakouts & dehydration.

It is time to nurture our skin back to its optimal health. We need to prepare and heal our epidermis (outer layer of skin) before winter comes around and seriously kicks our butt.

In times like these, when my skin is showing signs of stress - living a life, lack of sleep, running around too much and not looking after myself or just general un-wellness - that I really simplify my beauty routine to the core products that help care for my skin. These products wrap my skin in love and give it a big cuddle. There's nothing aggressive, no full-on treatments, no active ingredients - just pure, simple love.

My emergency kit for saving my skin from its sadness is this: Hydration, hydration, fatty acids, hydration, anti-oxidants and more hydration.

                                My skin type is combination. It's also dehydrated and aging.

                                My skin type is combination. It's also dehydrated and aging.

I’ve listed the products below in the order that I use them.

I use a balm cleanser everyday to take off my makeup (eye makeup too!), which also loves my skin whilst cleansing it. I don’t want my skin to feel dry, so I start with hydration straight up! One of my favourite cleansers is the EVE LOM cleanser, which has won an award for the last twenty three years as one of the best cleansers around. Show me a cleanser that has the same accolades as this one! The muslin cloth that comes with it is just as amazing - it gets softer with age! Win-win!

Next on my hit list is a given. I use this everyday on my skin (and hair!). If you’ve never tried this brand before, it's time to expand your horizons! Omorovicza is all the way from Hungary and is divine in every sense of the word. Their products and history are beautiful. The Omorovicza QUEEN OF HUNGARY MIST is so refreshing with its orange blossom + rose scent; it’s easy to forget what a punch this guy packs. It’s also got sage and apple pectin for purifying and hydration. This little baby will deliver minerals deep through its Hydro Mineral Transference system.

Next on my core list of products is the best eye cream EVER! Ok, so that’s my opinion, but Goldfaden’s BRIGHT EYES has changed the skin underneath my eyes. They are so hydrated now, that I can actually wear a concealer that’s a drier consistency (giving it holding powers) that I’ve never worn before, because it made me look older by highlighting the dehydrated skin that was under my eyes. After using this eye cream for the last year, I was put on the spot one day when I realised I had run out of my favourite under-eye concealer. In a pinch, I used this drier concealer with the thought that I’d fix it up at work before I started. Well, I got a surprise when I put it on and it looked good! Like, not highlighting-my-age good.. For reals good!!

Next is a double whammy from NUDE Skincare. I absolutely adore the ProGenius Range, in particular the MILK treatment. I use this as my serum to deliver my superfoods deep down. A couple of pumps onto my hand (and a quick press into my skin whilst it’s still damp from the Queen of Hungary mist) gives my skin hydration and nourishment.

Part two of my NUDE Skincare loving is the RESCUE OIL. This baby is lightweight so it’s like a dry-oil. It is also packed with a lot of antioxidants which feed my skin and help to minimise the free radicals that we encounter everywhere every day.

My last item is something that I try my best to use everyday. I try… It’s not a skin saviour but it’s an eyebrow hero. The OPTIBROW is amazing and it works. My brows have been looking a little moth-eaten these last few years. Thanks aging! I had almost given up when I tried the lash version of this and was putting the leftovers in my brows. Wow wee! If you’re up for being vigilant with putting this serum on twice a day, then boy-oh-boy, are you in for a ride. I am loving the results I’ve gotten with this. I barely have to fill my brows in anymore unless I’m going for a strong brow game day. The results are worth the routine of putting it on twice a day. And really, you’re tending to your skin twice a day (I hope!) anyways, what’s an extra 30 seconds to comb this superhero through your brows? I use the mascara applicator from Rae Morris to comb my hairs down in place whilst the serum dries, but you can use anything you like - disposable mascara wand (or an old mascara wand, washed in warm soapy water), a baby’s toothbrush, whatever tickles your fancy!

My other favourite skin saviour (which isn’t in the picture but I love it and use it regularly), is EVE LOM’s RESCUE MASK. This deep cleansing treatment will calm any inflammation down, reduce redness, and detoxify your skin without making you break out more. If you use it in a really thin layer, you can take it right up to underneath your eyes and it will help de-puff. I quite often smear a layer over my face in the shower for a quick fix and just rinse it off when I’m finished. I will also use the rescue mask as an overnight drying treatment for blemishes, by placing a small amount with a cotton tip directly onto a pimple when I’ve finished my skin routine. No one here is surprised when I walk around home with dots on my face… Hahaha!

Hope this inspires you to fine tune your core emergency skin kit. Remember: Hydration, hydration, fatty acids, hydration, anti-oxidants and more hydration.

Peace, love & light




All the products listed here, I purchased in Australia from Mecca Cosmetica. These are my own personal opinions on these products and how I use them. 

This is not a paid product placement and I don't get paid if you click on the links. I made it easy for you incase you want to look a little closer at something.