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chronicles of a Makeup Artist...


Chronicles of a Makeup Artist...

I don't know about you but my skin is having a little "freak out" which I'm trying not to freak out about.

The change of season (or lack in change, many changes in one day/week and which season is it?) is really testing everyones skin at the moment. My skin is not sure if it's Arthur or Martha to be honest because the weather seems to have gone wild and it's hot one day, raining and cold the next, back to hot, then windy and so forth and so on. And of course, this is the time when you wake up to some real hum-dinger pimples (which I'm hopefully hiding well under concealer and my long fringe) or my FAVOURITE, you wake up with no pimples in sight but by the time you get home, you have big Bertha on your face, waving at everyone. It's time to break out the big skincare guns..

Rescue mask by Eve Lom is the best mask on this planet. Now this is just my opinion but I'm obsessed with this mask. It has Kaolin clay and Camphor to detox whilst at the same time calming your skin as well as Magnesium to help reduce the severity of our breakouts by gently healing and calming any inflammation on the surface of our skin. Magnesium is a very cool customer and being the nerd that I am, I have to tell you that it's the ninth most abundant element in the universe and that it is produced in large, aging stars!

NERD ALERT!!! When stars explode such as supernovas, much of the magnesium is expelled into the interstellar medium where it may recycle into new star systems. In case you can't tell I absolutely LOVE stars. So I love the knowledge that this cool ingredient came from some far away star, a gazillion miles away from our solar system, our planet and our skincare.


Here's what made me fall in love with this mask. It doesn't sound particularly fancy and with Camphor as one of the ingredients, it doesn't smell fancy either. The packaging is beautiful but when you open it up, the mask looks like a simple clay mask that you THINK you know exactly what results you're going to get. But thats the thing. You actually don't. This rather unassuming looking mask is easy to underestimate as another clay beauty product... Put your seatbelt on though.

So let me tell you why I love it... this mask is awesome and what made me fall head over heels inlove with this little gem was when I saw my skin the next morning after using it for the first time. Let's go to the start of this story. A few years ago I had gotten sick at the start of winter, like most of us do and the first flu turned into something else which turned into the next flu going around and so forth and so on, so before I knew it I had been sick for a couple of months solid and was to the point where I was starting to feel better but my skin was looking very second hand, ho hum, dull as, not quite my normal colour. I looked as sick as I had felt for the last few months. Which always make you feel worse, right? I was due to be a part of an event team in my retail job which means four solid days of pampering others which is such a beautiful experience but it is hard on your body and can take a toll on your skin. So going into something like this when you are looking less than your normal self is a little daunting.

On a recommendation from a friend of mine, I decided to try this little gem. I put it on and followed the instructions to the t, and off I went to bed to try and get as much sleep as I could before the event that started the next day. WELL... When I woke up and saw my skin the next morning, I am not lying. I was flabbergasted! I looked NORMAL. Normal as in, I hadn't been sick for the last few months normal. My skin looked healthy, no redness, no puffiness, no nothing. Any of the spots I had been sporting had suddenly upped sticks and decided to leave. It looked perfectly healthy! So even though I still felt terrible my skin looked fantastic. It was that easy! 

Now I have at times had a rather stubborn pimple or two and a once off weekly mask will help to calm them down but they're not going anywhere. I will then bring out my other big gun and do a spot treatment over the top of said stubborn pimple and like magic! It's gone.. On the very odd occasion, I may have to do the spot treatment for a couple of nights in a row but, alongside my favourite mask, these products work for me and I call them my #skinsoulmates cause you know, they rescue me and my skin! Most of the time the Rescue mask will do all of this by itself but occasionally I need a little extra loving.

The other thing that I love about the Rescue mask is you can give yourself a extra TREATment or two during the week, a little mini spa whilst you are on the go. So to do this, I will tie my hair back off my face and take off my makeup with my favourite Micellar Water and whilst I'm waiting for the shower water to warm up, I will smear the Rescue mask onto my face. Now most of the time I don't even look in the mirror to do this, I just go by feel... yep, true story! I leave the mask on for the entire shower and just rinse it off at the end before I hop out. If I need an extra exfoliation in my life, I put the mask on thicker and really massage it off (in small circles avoiding my eyes) at the end or you could use a soft wash cloth to help with the exfoliating part. Either way you are only leaving the mask on for as long as you're in the shower. Sometimes this might be five minutes and sometimes it's longer. It doesn't matter how long because it's just a little extra lovin' on top of your normal once a week TREATment. Sounds like it would be hard right? It is the total opposite of that and as the worlds laziest girl, I can attest to that! It is so easy to give yourself a little extra pampering here and there and it really doesn't take a lot of time to do it.

So... just to recap what magic the Rescue mask does:

  • Detox (big cuddles for your skin)

  • Calming i.e. healing love on any breakouts

  • Depuff (you can bring a really thin layer of this mask right up underneath your eyes too!)

  • Reduces redness ( it is magic..)

  • Deep cleansing treatment i.e. clears out congestion

  • Leaves skin looking radiant and healthy

The only thing it needs to do that it doesn't already is make you a coffee or margarita (depending of the time of day) Haha!! Hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite mask and give it a try sometime! Your skin will love you for it.

Peace, love & light



The Lowdown...

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