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chronicles of a Makeup Artist...

80's BABY!

Chronicles of a Makeup Artist...


PHOTOGRAPHER ||| Nicole Lüneburg

MODEL ||| Shirin Brigitte from Gear Models

HAIR + MAKEUP ||| Frances Fraser

It's not often that I step outside my safe zone of beautiful clean makeup (ya know, the pictures where the models look like they're wearing no makeup like in a skin care ad) but earlier this year, my vision and creative soul sister Nicole, sat down with me and we developed this idea of colour and fun for a shoot. I was researching one of my Idols at the time, Annie Lennox and of course I had fallen down the rabbit hole of the eighties and how much fun was had with colour. 

So precariously we headed down this road of the eighties, (it was safe to say that both of us were extremely nervous about this direction) and I grouped together colours that I would use to complement the background of red. We organised clothes through vintage shopping and got some really good finds even though we didn't use a lot of them. Going vintage shopping definitely helped with the creative process with looking at colours, textures and how things were used and put together.



Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane with my interpretation of the 80's.

Peace, love & light




This story was submitted to Féroce Magazine for their June Volume ll 2017 edition. 

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