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Photographer | Nicole Lüneburg

Photographer | Nicole Lüneburg

“I really love perfecting skin. If the skin looks great, everything else is just a beautiful bonus!”

Focusing on flawless skin, Frances has honed her skills and mastered achieving the “perfect base” which she then delicately layers upon creating a signature mix of polished meets undone beauty.   

Known for her professionalism, attention to detail and gentle touch, Frances is recognized as a reliable asset on set with a calm, confident and approachable manner, able to adapt to a variety of work environments and go beyond what is expected.

Frances’ lifelong love of fashion and Interior Design led to her pursuing studies in both areas before she found her calling in the beauty industry.  Her love of fashion still deeply influences her work today. She obtained a Diploma in “Specialist Makeup Services” from The Academy of Makeup in Sydney, and has continued her makeup education each year by learning from a variety of educators within Australia from Kevin James Bennett, Erica Carr and Roshar.

And, also throughout the United States with Lottie Stannard and Erica Carr’s Class in 2016, 2017 and 2018 – featuring educators Sandy Linter, Reggie Wells, Jessie Powers, Gregory Arlt, Pati Dubroff, Sam Fine, Beau Nelson, Romero Jennings, Stephen Dimmick and Alex Box to name a few.

Frances’ clients include: Sanctuary Studio, HCF, Shapes in the Sand, The Brain Foundation, The Hip Stars Band, Shop Camp, Dish Pig, Dear Lover Studio, Fantastics Magazine, Pump, Féroce and La Mode Magazines among others.

Frances currently lives in Sydney with her husband, son and their two dogs.

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